Hours of Operation: 9:30 AM ~ 5:00 PM (Ticket sales until 4:30 PM)

Entrance Fee Individual Group Monthly Ticket Discount
Full Admission 500 NT 450 NT 380 NT
Student Admission
(High School or Lower)
400 NT 360 NT 350 NT
Children’s Admission
(3~6 Years) 
350 NT 300 NT 350 NT
Senior and Disability Admission
(Verification required for seniors above 60 and those with disabilities)
 (This discount is not applicable to groups)
280 NT    

1. Government issued identification is required for purchase of entrance fee for seniors above 60 and those with disabilities.

2. Ticket prices are subject to change and will be announced at the park or on the official website.
3. The park is closed for 1 day on Lunar New Years Eve.  

Ticket Purchase Details
1. Group Admission  Groups of 30 or above.
2. Free Admission Under the age of 3, show identification in cases of conflict.
3.  Parking Services (Fee ) Tour Bus  $100/vehicle Cars $100/vehicle Scooters $50/vehicle
4. Ticket admission includes accidental insurance for parkgoers.

Park Safety Rules

  1. The park is opened for the hours of 9:30 AM~5:00 PM. Please keep ticket stubs to guarantee your rights.
  2. reserves the right to refuse entrance to individuals who destroy park property, do not abide by rules, or display violent behavior.
  3. The park has many trash bins; please cherish the wonderful environment at Little Ding Dong and keep the park area clean.
  4. Do not discard cigarette butts on the ground in cooking areas of the park to prevent forest fires.
  5. Do not bend or break the flora to prevent damaging the natural environment.
  6. Do not pick and eat wild plants and berries to prevent poisoning yourself.
  7. Do not throw rocks at squirrels and other park animals to protect the safe habitat.
  8. For your safety, please tour the park by following the signs.
  9. The park’s service center provides tour inquiries, park information, a tour guidebook, and audio services. If there are any issues with service, we apologize in advance.

Please use the customer service line: (03)559-2132 and Contact Us on the official website for services. The park will strive to improve our quality of service.