Experience a Brand New Culinary Banquet

The melody of music in the comfortable dining environment is accompanied by the sound of playing children. The sheets of glass curtains overlook Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park and Hsinchu allowing guests to enjoy the green and relaxing view of the city and townships. Lose yourself in the refreshing and relaxing dining environment through dish after dish of excellent cuisine carefully prepared by the chef. The inviting dining environment allows you to experience a banquet of wonderful cuisine at affordable prices. We welcome you to join us to experience different senses of visual, audio, taste, and emotions; this will be an unforgettable journey. 

Life Master Hotel - Cafe

The elegant atmosphere and thoughtfully designed menu provides selections for simple meals. Enjoy a culinary journey at Little Ding-Dong with hotel quality service that is passionate and kind.

  • Beverages: Hot and cold beverages (coffee, milk tea, floral teas)
  • Snacks: Various iced desserts, foods (snacks), family DIY activities (requires reservation)

Other Shops

  • The park has shops at select locations, including: Science Hall Shop, Happy House, ET House, Camping Area, Souvenir Shop. The different shops are all uniquely different.
  • Shops provide various beverages, snacks (hot dogs, fried chicken, waffles, and pasta), iced desserts, glow sticks, scouts rope, recreational items, toiletries, first aid kids…and more.
  • The souvenir shop provides Little Ding-Dong memorabilia, educational toys, educational movies, toiletries, first aid kid…and more.