Summer Water Games

Rainy Scene

Pull the rope and curtains of water droplets flush down for the best full-body water therapy!

Availability Period: 6/1-8/31

Big Barrel Waves

Using the principles of water balance, when the barrel is filled with a certain amount of water it will tilt, forming a waterfall. Guests can enjoy a natural massage with water.

Availability Period: 6/1-8/31

Ding-Dong Dam

Dams refer to manmade lakes while smaller ones are called ponds, embankments, and reservoirs. They are usually formed by building a dam in a river; when the lake water drowns the canyon, a dam is formed.
  • Storing Water: Provide drinking and irrigation water for nearby regions.
  • Power Plant: Hydroelectric generators on the dam are used to produce electricity.
  • Flood Prevention: Increase the flood prevention capabilities of downstream regions.
  • Shipping: Raise the water level to flood ravines and reefs to benefit shipping transports.
  • Breeding: Dams can be used to develop fishery industries.
  • Tourism: Dams are mainly located in mountainous regions and form manmade lakes that often become a tourist location for developing the tourism industry. The primary functions of dams is to act as a reservoir, provide power, and flood prevention while periphery functions include the fishery breeding industry and tourism.

Taiwan’s rivers are located in steep terrain that flood during heavy rains, resulting in disaster; during droughts, lakes bottom out and water resources are scarce. The biggest issue of Taiwan’s water resources is that “water can’t be kept” so the current solution taken is to build dams to effectively store water, increase irrigation, provide power, provide water for industrial and public use, prevent floods, increase agricultural production, and develop the tourism industry.

Availability Period: 6/1-8/31

Rotating Water World

Water in the plaza comes from all directions. The 48 nozzles on the ground spray at 3 different heights and there are water pillars that sway up and down. When you enter Shui Dang-Dang Happy Plaza, you’re guaranteed to get wet and cool down to your core! If you want to get wet, find a sensor to trigger the water traps! Trigger the micro switches and you’ll be dancing with water; let your guard down and enjoy the moment to the fullest! At the back of the stage there’s a water curtain with a fireman’s water hose at the top. If you turn the wheel, it will spray towards the stage! It’s not to put out the fire, but to cool you in the hot summer heat!

Availability Period: 6/1-8/31

Rain Forest

As you step closer to the area with water games, suddenly tens of arced columns of water fly above your head forming a hallway of water. While inside, watch your footing because the spraying devices have a time limit. Once time is up, the spraying stops, and water droplets will fall on you. Don’t worry, because the fun is soon to follow!

Availability Period: 6/1-8/31

Winter Cherry Blossom Watching

Little Ding-Dong Flower Season

Spring is the perfect season to relax and enjoy the flowers. In recent years, the park has planted Fuji, Yoshino, Kawazu, and Taiwan cherry blossoms, making winter the focus of flower season at Little Ding-Dong.

Fuji cheery blossoms bloom the earliest at the beginning of February, then Yoshino cherry blossoms bloom in March followed by mountain cherry blossoms and Taiwan cherry blossoms. The fully bloomed flowers make the period after the lunar new year the perfect season to enjoy cherry blossoms.