Little Ding-Dong Indoor Ski Resort

Ski Resort Introduction & Safety Details

Little Ding-Dong Ski Resort was constructed in 2012 as Taiwan’s first indoor ski resort. The ski resort covers an area of 750 ping, it’s 60 meters in length, 30 meters wide, and has an incline of 14 degrees. Average indoor temperature is negative 3-7 degrees. The resort contains skiing, snowboarding, family play areas, and cute ice sculptures. It is Taiwan’s only ski resort that snows all year-round, making skiing in Taiwan a dream come true.

Ski Resort Photos

Play Area – Ski Area
Professional Ski Area

How is artificial snow created?

The snow blower is the machine that produces artificial snow. Classic snow blowers work by mixing chilled water with compressed air to form droplets through the reaction with the air stream. In ski resorts, snow blowers have 2 tubes, one connected to a water reservoir and another to an air compressor.

Air compressors have 3 functions:

  1. Separate the water, in other words, separate water flow into droplets.
  2. blow water droplets into the air
  3. While the droplets are in the air, stimulate their cooling.

How does compressed air achieve cooling? Actually, it is an additional effect of compressed air. We know that when air is compressed the movement of molecules is heavily restricted into a smaller area. When compressed air is released, this eliminates the restrictions on air molecules that are dispersed over a larger area to freely move; during this process, air molecules must absorb large amounts of energy and greatly reduces the temperature of surrounding areas.

Another type of snow blowers is the direct injection models; in other words, compressed air is not necessary. This is similar to spray cans used to water flowers. When water passes the spout, the vaporization effect forms them into delicate droplets that are blown into the air with a fan. The advantage is not needing troublesome air compression devices, as it works by providing water and a powering device.

The process of liquid water solidifying into a solid is more difficult and requires immense cold and good nucleation conditions to release heat from water’s solidification. This requires harsher natural conditions; therefore, snow blowers often have an area specifically for cooling so that when external environments don’t satisfy the requirements to create snow, it stimulates the water’s solidification process so that they may appropriately cool before arriving on the ground to simulate natural snow conditions.

Resort Allocation & Entrance Fees

Play Area

Entrance Full Admission Student Admission Children’s Admission Half Admission
Fee 500 NT 400 NT 350 NT 250 NT
Purchasing entrance admission to Little Ding-Dong comes with a free experience of the ski resort, the ice sculpture area, and free gloves for use. You should wear your personal clothes to keep warm (jacket, gloves, mask, hat), but if needed, the resort provides rentals.

Professional Ski Area

Free Skiing Entrance
250 NT
Resort Fee
  1 Hour 2 Hour All-Day
Weekdays 400 NT 500 NT 1000 NT
Weekends 500 NT 600 NT 1200 NT
Equipment Fees
  Full Set Snowboard Snow Shoes
Skiing 400 NT 250 NT 250 NT
Snow board 400 NT 250 NT 250 NT
1. Apply for VIP ski membership with ticket stubs to enjoy 1 year of free entrance into the ski resort, not including the first purchase of admission. Equipment fees are waived for those with their own equipment.
Professional Ski Course   Fee Hrs Additional Time
Experience Course (Beginner) 825 NT 1 Hr 200 NT / Hr
Certification Course (Advanced) 3000 NT 4 Hr  
1. The courses include entrance, resort, full equipment, and coaching fees. You should wear your personal clothes to keep warm (jacket, gloves, mask, hat), but if needed, the resort provides rentals. The professional ski courses are restricted to those above elementary school, 120 CM, and adults under the age of 65.
1. For inquiries and payment details of the Little Ding-Dong professional ski courses, certification courses, your ski hours, and equipment rental, please contact the ski resort.

Reservations for Professional Ski Courses

※ Requires reservation 3-7 days in advance

Telephone Reservation: 03-559233003-5592360
Online Reservation:

Professional coaches explain with patience
Professional ski experience course
Skiing experience
There’s so much fun to be had at the ski resort

Little Ding-Dong Ski Resort video introduction