Fengqi Sunset

Fengqi is short for “Fengshanqi”, the area where Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park is located. Fengqi’s beautiful sunset has been famous since long ago, when Tamsui Hall listed the Fengqi Sunset as one of the 8 wonders of the region, naming it “Fengqi Sunset”. When the government came to Taiwan, it also listed the view as one of Hsinchu’s 8 wonders. The glow of sunset spread across the green shimmering Zhubei plains looks like a layer of glittering gold.

Observation Deck

Here, you’ll find a wonderful experience that can’t be missed.

If you have a few of heights, then you’ll miss the beautifully scenic views of the area around Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park while standing on the tower. Don’t worry, because nearby is the observation deck where you can see far away sights in Zhubei City such as the fertile fields of Ping Tao, large wind turbines, the landing and takeoff of Mirage 2000 fighter jets at the Hsinchu base of the air force, Nanliao Harbor, and the Taiwan straits; turn around and you’ll see Xinfeng, Hukou City, industrial zones…and more. Let me tell you, Fengqi Sunset is definitely worth viewing! The view at night is also breathtaking!