Hyperbola Stitch

In mathematics, the literal meaning of hyperbola is “surpass” or “exceed” and is defined as the intersection of a plane and the conic curve of half of a right angle conic plane. It can also be defined as 2 fixed points (called focal points) who’s trajectory distance is constant. 

Fish and Vegetable Co-Habitat Farm

The Fish and Vegetable Co-Habitat Farm allows us to focus on “environmental issues” and act to save our Earth. The “food education” course allows us to protect our health through each bite of food in the low-carbon footprint eco-friendly diet exercises, using pesticide free farming to obtain fruits and vegetables while also reusing water resources. This not only prevents pesticide residue and reduce the distance travelled by food.

VR Visual Frontier

Experience it as if you’re there, explore the 720-degree virtual world and fly through the incredible experience using VR technology! Hurry and come experience it!

Available Hours:
Weekends and Summer    Morning 10:30-12:00 Afternoon 14:00-16:00

Theme Park Train

Availability Period: Train is operated during weekends and summer (not available during rain)