In more than 20 years of Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park’s establishment, we’ve insisted on designing a park based on science to provide the nation with an alternative in “knowledge” to enjoy during vacation. The park’s more than 30 physics and science facilities are deeply loved and a household name for travel and tourism.

When guests visit Little Ding-Dong, they are often captivated by the greenery of our environment and the nearly 360-degree view. At dusk, two of Hsinchu’s 8 major views such as “Fengqi Sunset” and “Hsinchu Night View” present themselves; watching the golden rays of light penetrate layers of leaves is an immense visual enjoyment. In the past, we regret not allowing guests to enjoy these views due to our hours of operation. Today, the “Little Ding-Dong Life Master Hotel” has been established to serve our guests.

The hotel is located at the highest point of the park, filled with beautiful views and fresh air. Enjoy nighttime views of the bustling city at night or quiet villages. The stars lining the sky provide peace and tranquility; the park is a spacious and relaxing environment perfect for families to enjoy.

Hotel facilities include a swimming pool, mini-golf, chess equipment, garden foot path, and table tennis.


A window enjoyed as a painting
Master Hotel” has 69 standard family guest rooms divided into “Elegant 4-8 Guest Rooms”. Each room is spacious with 12~15 ping and the large window panels allow an unobstructed view of the beautiful surrounding nature. Gazing out of the window can be as beautiful and stunning as enjoying a painting.